TRACE Multiplier events: Euro-Arab Foundation (FUNDEA)

The Euro-Arab Foundation (FUNDEA) organised the “Trace Multiplier Event: Online course: Working multiculturalism and critical thinking through children’s stories” which was held online through the Zoom platform, on 22nd June 2021. Also, the event was broadcasted live on the Facebook of the Euro-Arab Foundation, reaching 250 more people.

At this event participated 71 persons – staff from schools, universities, educational centres, associations and civil society.

5 speakers participated in the course who explained in detail the contents and development of the Trace project: Jose Maria Gonzalez Riera (FUNDEA); Slava Lopez Rodriguez (UNIVERSITY OF GRANADA); María Fernández (FUNDEA), Paloma Entrena San José (FUNDEA), Hind Haik Wald Ghzala (FUNDEA).

A PowerPoint, the videos and the Trace e-platform were projected. Following the presentation, participants had the opportunity to dialogue with the speakers and interact through the chat.

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