Traditional children’s stories for a common future – TRACE project is focused on raising awareness of the importance of Europe’s cultural heritage through education and life-long learning, supporting skills development, social inclusion and critical thinking. New participatory and intercultural approaches to heritage, as well as educational initiatives aimed at fostering intercultural dialogue involving teachers and pupils from an early age will be promoted. The main aim is to promote and get to know European cultural heritage through traditional children stories from partners’ countries. Traditional children stories can be seen as an integral part of Europe. They express Europe’s history and influence it in return. There is an abundance of children stories in Europe, based on myths and legends, in every  partner country such as Greek legends, Slavic legends, fairy tales by the Grimm brothers or Hans Christian Andersen, just to name a few most famous ones. Numerous variations are based on these stories. The project aim is to show the children the value, variety and richness of European literature. Also, by promoting stories from different countries we are raising the awareness of multiculturalism.

The main objective of the project is to develop digital learning materials and tools through new and innovative educational methods as well as actions that promote and support the effective use of information and communication technologies (ICT) in education and training.
The project’s goal is to educate teachers and librarians to use new skills and new methodologies in working with children, and the main aim is to promote the European community and culture. This project interconnects the work of librarians and teachers in an innovative and constructive way.

Through TRACE project librarians will get more information and tools to work with and teachers will get support in adopting collaborative and innovative practices. Teachers are going to be acquainted with traditional children stories from EU countries. Educational package with its innovative educational approaches will help teachers to imbed and improve the curriculum in their schools. This project aims to establish a methodology for finding stories which promote European values in partner countries. One of the goals is to make these stories available to general public.

During the project partners will develop the thematic TRACE portal where digital stories and other materials for teachers, pupils, librarians and other project participants will be available in open access. A parallel display of a story in two languages will enable pupils, as well as dyslexic and visually impaired pupils, to learn foreign languages in an innovative way by comparing words from languages of partner countries.  Partners will ensure storing digital objects as well as permanent access and sustainability during and after the project is completed.