Association for supporting of informal education, critical thinking and philosophy in practice “Petit Philosophy”

The aim of the Association is to encourage, promote and develop critical thinking in children, youth and adults through argumentation and communication skills, encourages informal education to provide innovative and accessible ways of learning, promotes and develops volunteering and international cooperation of NGOs and other institutions, and raises the level of awareness of the need to apply the philosophy in practice in order to develop civil society. Activities: promote and improve the development of critical and creative thinking, promoting lines of expressing one’s opinion and communication skills, organizes seminars, lectures, conferences and public forums in the field of education sector, philosophy with children, critical thinking, encourage activism in the local community, promoting civic initiatives, public information, individuals and groups about the possibilities through NGOs and the creation of citizens ‘initiatives and the realization of common interest.

One of the main aims of Petit Philosophy is to promote and implement critical thinking in formal and non-formal education. In three EU project, we develop ethical materials and tools in which we use critical thinking methodologies to teach children and youth in ethical education ETHOS (Comennius) and ETHIKA & LITLLE (Erasmus +, K2). In both projects, we create more than 50 ethical education materials and tools. All of these materials are well evaluated by experts and teachers. Ethical education materials are available here: . Also Mala filozofija is part of three more ethical education projects: Aval – Added Value Learning for Preschool Teachers & Pedagogical Coordinators (2017-1-ES01-KA201-038113), Integrating Ethics of Sport in Secondary School Curriculum (2017-1-HR01-KA201-035428), COMET – A Community of Ethics Teachers in Europe (2017-1-NL01-KA201-035219) furthermore, we have experience to coordinate Intellectual outputs in Erasmus Plus project, coordinate international project supported by Anna Lindth Foundation, coordination educational project on national levels, creating educational materials, tools and curriculum, youth exchange, etc.