The E-platform is the place where you can find main results of the two intelectual outputs in the TRACE Project.

The E-platform consists of three main parts:

  • Stories
  • Guidelines
  • Download zone

In the Stories section you can find all the stories that are chosen for workshops.

Each story is composed of several elements:

  • Parallel text of the story in the original language and its translation in English
  • Workshop for the story with enabled download of the PDF format
  • Childrens drawings created in workshops
  • Metadata
  • Story translated in all partners languages and English with enabled download of the PDF format

Also, at the bottom of this section you can find an e-book in English language with all the stories used in the TRACE Project.

In the Guidelines section you can find the main result from the intelectual output 1 the Guidelines for teachers and librarians in English language.

The Download zone is the section with all materials created in the TRACE Project ready for download and use.

Even though the Trace website is responsive, the E-platform is recommended to use via desktop, laptop or tablet.

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