Euro-Arab Foundation for Higher Studies (FUNDEA)

The Euro-Arab Foundation for Higher Studies (FUNDEA) is a non for profit research, education and cultural institution -foundation- that has its origins in a European Parliament resolution of March 30th 1984 (published in the O.J. of the European Communities on 30.4.84). Located in Granada (Spain) and ruled by a joint Board of Trustees chaired by the Spanish Ministry of Education, General Secretary for Universities, the Board of Trustees is further composed by two representatives from the University of Granada, two from the Ministry of Education and from the Government of Andalusia. FUNDEA is a highly specialized institution that works within the fields of cooperation, training and research, creating a space for dialogue and collaboration between the countries of the European Union and Arab countries on the one hand, and between the European Union social and institutional actors and its Arab and Islamic communities agents on the other.

The Foundation is entrusted with promoting cultural, scientific and academic relations between Europe and the Arab World, throughout the dissemination of scientific and humanistic knowledge produced in universities, research centers and civil society organizations, in order to contribute to the reinforcement of dialogue. For that purpose, the Foundation’s work is focused on the promotion of studies and researches as well as platforms and forums of discussion and debate. FUNDEA carries out high-level research and advanced training that focuses mainly on intercultural and religious dialogue. FUNDEA has a great research and training expertise in the areas of intercultural understanding and prevention of radicalization leading to violence as well as formulating and implementing various European research projects focused on radicalization with outstanding consortia partners. FUNDEA has also implemented a large number of local, national and international projects dealing with active citizenship, human rights and cross cultural and religious dialogue.