Primary school “Josip Pupačić“

Primary School ”Josip Pupačić” has existed from 1913 in different names:

State School;

Public School;

Primary School “Omiš”;

Primary School “Pjero Perak”;

OOUR Primary School “Pjero Perak” under a common name RO Centre of Primary schools.

However, on the 27th of May 1994 it separated from the Centre of Primary Schools and started individual work under the name Primary School “Josip Pupačić” which is still in use today.

Primary School “Josip Pupačić” is situated in a historical town Omiš, located on the mouth of the River Cetina, under the “Omiška Dinara” mountain. The name of the school honours the famous Croatian poet, Josip Pupačić, who was born in Slime, a small village in the vicinity of Omiš. His best known poem “More” (“The Sea“) has become a part of the school’s visual identity because the school is located in the centre of the town, around 100 metres from the sea on one side and from the mouth of the River Cetina on the other side of the so-called peninsula Punta.

Other breath-taking views from our school are the ones which are pointed to the high cliffs which are “filled” with history. Two fortresses, “Mirabela” and “Fortica” defy time and protect us from up above. Therefore, we can proudly say that our school as well as our town is situated in the “middle of rocks and sea” which makes it very special. Furthermore, a fact about our school is that by the number of pupils attending it we are one of the biggest schools in Croatia. The school has 934 pupils. Apart from the main building we have three more locations where the teaching process is held: “Punta Sole” (we call it “the small school”) where the lower classes 1st – 3rd are.; next is the school gym located next to the main, central building; and the last one is the district school in Kučiće, a small place near Omiš, where we have all 8 classes.