University of Peloponnese

The Faculty of Social and Education Policy, located in Corinth, was established in 2003 and considers as its prime mission the contribution to the advancement of knowledge in the social sciences, in the areas of social and education policy, through academic teaching, and policy-and practice-orientated research. Emphasis is given to subjects on human and citizenship rights, as specified in the EU policy framework, on social security and social protection policies, the development and institutions of the welfare state, the role of the education system in promoting these goals through lifelong learning, adult and continuous education, and through the design and implementation of new social and education policies. The Faculty is committed to equip its students with the necessary knowledge, skills and qualifications that will enable them to successfully seek professional careers in the labor market, as well as to provide them with appropriate qualifications for postgraduate studies and research. The undergraduate curriculum reflects the Faculties’ view according to which all designed and implemented public policies, including social and education policies, are interrelated and provide the welfare state with the tools for the development of a democratic society and the achievement of progress. In view of the current social and political crisis, the re-design of public policies and the modernisation of the institutions of the welfare state, the protection of social and civic rights is seen as being at the top of the policy agenda. Through its philosophy that underpins its programme of studies the Faculty aspires to produce qualified graduates who will be active citizens contributing to the development of a democratic, fair and just society.